Monday, October 20, 2014

What's In My Purse

I have had this Tory Burch purse for about a year now and love it so much! I use it as my everyday bag because I am the type of girl that feels the need to carry everything and anything with me, and this bag is the perfect size. I love that it is a great quality, classic bag, that can go with anything!
When I have a special event to go to like a wedding, or a night out, I will typically downsize my bag to a clutch because it is much more practical.

Today I have teamed up with RueLaLa to show you their Handbag Style Guide which is a great place to go for all of your handbag questions. Whether you are wondering about which type of handbag is best for you, care tips for maintaining your bag, or looking to learn more about designer handbags and what makes them unique, this is the place to go for great information. Here is a quick post over all of the essentials that I always have in my handbag. 


Purse Tory Burch// Black Clutch Old Navy// Nude Clutch Francesca's (tons of great clutches)


1. I-phone- Because, duh!

2. Wallet- Mine is an older Kate Spade one. I also have a smaller one that I got from Target awhile back attached to my key chain for quick trips running into a store.  

3. Sunglasses- My favorite are these Rayban aviators 

4. Perfume- I always carry a small size/rollerball perfume so that I can freshen up whenever needed. 

5. Hand Cream- I have the driest hands (because I wash them 100 times per day) so I always carry a Hand Lotion. 

6. Pack of gum- I know it is not the best habit but I am always chewing gum.

7. Phone Charger-  This is another duh, I love this Phone charger because it is cute and it's easy to throw in whatever bag you are carrying for the day/night.

8. Notebook- I always carry a calender/notebook so that I can write down important things that I do not want to forget. 

9. Makeup bag- I always carry this small pouch of essential makeup products so that I am able to touch up whenever needed.

10. Facial Spray- I live in the South. That means it is hot and humid for most of the year. I love carrying a facial spray so that I can spritz it on my skin to feel refreshed and hydrated.

What is your favorite type of handbag and the essentials that you must have??
Leave a comment below letting me know!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. hand cream is a must for our handbags. Living in the dry Australian climate, our hands are always in need of some TLC. We're obsessed with the colour of your wallet by the way. it was the first thing our eyes were drawn to when we opened this post!

    M + K

    1. Hi Michelle and Katherine thanks so much for reading! I totally agree, hand cream is definitely at the top of my must haves!! Love the fact that y'all live in Australia I'd love to visit there some day! :)



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