Friday, September 5, 2014

Ford Turns 3!!

I know I just did a post not long ago all about my golden boy, but today my baby boy turns THREE!! So of course I had to do a quick birthday post to celebrate. Plus, it's Friday and who doesn't love some cute puppy pictures on a Friday?! I know I'm just a little bit crazy ( #crazydogmomstatus) about this boy, but he just brings so much love and happiness to my life and I can not get enough of him! Like I said in my previous post I dreamed about the day I would get to pick this guy up and bring him home and to think that three years has already gone by with him makes me a little sad! I have loved every minute with this guy from the first night home of barking all night, accidental bathroom breaks on my floor, toy fuzz everywhere, growing, cuddling moment and I can not wait to have many more special moments like one day snuggles with (hopefully) our future children, and growing older together! Now because I am the type that is so crazy I could start to tear up over this at any moment I will just get on to sharing a couple of photos of this guy being the cute birthday boy that he is!! Enjoy!! :)

This one is just too funny :)

Thanks for reading! Hope Y'all have a great weekend!!

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