Monday, August 11, 2014

Wedding Gift Ideas

Since we are still in "wedding season" I thought I would share a couple of ideas for wedding gifts for your good friends with y'all today. These are not your typical blender or sheets gift ideas...although those are great these are a little more personalized and meaningful! Hopefully if you choose to give one of these to your BFF she will love the fact that you decided to go with a more thoughtful gift! :)
1.Custom Roman Numeral NecklaceClassic Monogram Necklace (MORE COLORS)       2.

4.    MAC Cosmetics: Lipstick in Relentlessly Red                      Bronzing Powder                      Evian - Mineral Water Spray

5.                              Wifey Shirt

1. Personalized jewelry- One of my favorite gift ideas is personalized jewelry because it is something that will mean a lot to the bride and she can cherish it for a long time to come. I love this bar necklace that you can put their wedding date on and also a monogram necklace with her new initials! Love Always Couture has a lot of options for personalized items. 

2. Wristlet or Clutch- What girl doesn't love a new accessory? This wristlet is a great quality and also has the option to add a monogram on it. Once again you can add her new married initials to one of these clutches and she can use it to take on her honeymoon or just date nights out in the future. Love this clutch also from Gigi NewYork   

3. Wine Glasses- If your friend and her hubby love drinking wine together getting her a set of new wine glasses with the initial of her new last name on it is also a really cute gift idea! These are from Pottery Barn and they have many different options for types of wine glasses and how to personalize them. 

4. Makeup- So yes  we all know that I am a makeup addict, so this is for you girls like me! haha. If your friend loves trying new products or even if she is new to makeup and could use a little help I think putting together a little makeup bag for her is a great gift idea! This is actually what one of my best friends got me as part of my wedding gift (she obviously knows me very well) and I loved it to take with on my honeymoon. You can get her a red lipstick to amp up her sexyness for nights out on the honeymoon ;), a bronzer for the girl heading to the beach (she might need it once she is nice and bronzed), and a facial spray to help stay refreshed and keep her glow going! Add a cute makeup bag and your good to go!

5. Wifey apparel- Most new brides are on cloud nine for a good while after the big day and totally loving the fact that they are a new "wifey". If you have been a bride yourself than you probably know that feeling and these cute tops and tote are perfect for that time! This tote, wifey tank, and wifey sweater are all from ILYCouture. This wifey shirt is from Mindy Mae's Market

Hope these few ideas were able to help some of you! Let me know if you decided to get one of these as a gift for your good friends for the big day! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read this!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I just got back from spending the week back in Texas in my hometown with my parents. There is nothing better than going back "home" to the house I grew up in and my mothers home cooking! I now live in Louisiana (where I have been for about 6 years now) with my husband, and between his work schedule and mine I only get to go back to my parents house about 2-3 times a year. This past trip was much needed because due to some other trips I took and my parents being busy with other things also this year I have actually not been able to see my parents or go back home since last thanksgiving (yikes)! So it has almost been a year and I was so excited to finally get a good week of quality family time! The week of course flew by, like most vacations do, but it was a ton of fun!! 

The whole reason we made the trip back home this past week was because my best friend (hi Mrs.Kelsey) was getting married the first weekend we were there! It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding with a gorgeous bride and I could not be happier for her! The way her husband looked at her throughout the entire ceremony was heart melting! He literally could not take his eyes off of her and it was just beautiful! I always love being at weddings because there is just so much love all around! :) 
After that we spent the rest of the week hanging out, exploring, and eating until we could eat no more! Seriously I know everyone says that their moms cooking is the best but my moms cooking and baking is really the best! Every time we go back home my mom has a spread of goodies to last us the entire week so obviously we come back about ten pounds heavier than when we arrived (diet starts Monday again)! While we were there we took the boat out on the lake and got in some tubing and skiing. That was also Fords (our golden) first time out on a boat and lets just say my mom and I are a little bruised from trying to keep him in the boat! We also did a little hiking around the lake and on the trails around my hometown. One of the days we took a drive up to tour one of the caves that is around our area. We thought that would be something nice and cool (we are in the middle of  a Texas summer after all) but it actually was very humid down in the caves. In between all the outdoor fun we also saw two new movies and played a lot of card games at night! We taught Tyler (my husband) how to play phase ten and after that we had to play every night. On our last night there after we ate out for dinner we ended the week driving around some neighborhoods looking at all of the deer. Since I am from there it is nothing exciting or new to me but to my husband the thought of deer hanging out all around in peoples front yards is just mind blowing to him! He had to point out every deer we would pass throughout the week! I took some pictures of them with my new lens that does not zoom in so it gives you an idea of how close they are and how used to humans the deer around our area are! 

The best part of the trip for me was just getting to be around my family and spend a good amount of time with them! Since I have moved away to Louisiana I do not get to see my parents as much as I would like so I really cherish the moments that I do get to spend with them! Anyways enough rambling about my week here is a glimpse at our week through pictures! :) 

The lake is actually super low right now due to the droughts that have been happening in Texas for a couple of years now. They need rain!! 

Had to get a selfie ;)

This is for sure a water dog! You can't keep him out of it! 

We were hiking in over 100 degree weather here! Yuck it was hotttt. 

Yup he broke the swing!! haha had to! :)

Thanks for stopping by to check out our vacation week!

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