Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Golden Man

I figured since the majority of my post on instagram are pictures of my dog I would formally introduce him to the blog!! Plus let's be real I'll take any chance I can get to gush about him some more and post even more adorable pictures. I will start off by saying (and warning) that I am definitely a crazy dog lady and think of him as my first born child! I basically have been obsessed with dogs since favorite Disney movie was 101 Dalmatians and I would cry every time my mom would have to take the VHS out to rewind it (yes I come from the "old school" 90's). That being said, even though I grew up with dogs in our family I had basically dreamed about the day I lived on my own, in my own place, and had my very own dog since I was a little girl. Yes I know that probably sounds a little strange most girls dream about their wedding day I dreamed about getting a dog! haha! So when I was in my last semester of college going for my bachelors in Animal Science (obviously, what else) I decided that I could not wait another second and got in touch with a lady who had been recommended to me by a client who owned a beautiful golden at the vet clinic I was working at. Being the crazy lady I am I actually had gotten in touch with her a year before I actually got him!! My friends and family thought I was nuts but I got to really know the lady( technically breeder but she only did two litters with her female and was not a big time breeder, which I liked) who I was getting him from. I also got to be apart of the whole process from the moment his mother was bred down to getting pictures of each and every puppy that came out as she was giving birth! Some of y'all might think that's a little crazy but I absolutely loved being a part of the whole process!! I also got to be the first one to pick a puppy and when that day came for my husband and I to make the trip to go and pick one out I honestly was on cloud nine and knew he was the one I wanted as soon as I saw him!! The hardest part of the whole thing had to be leaving him there and waiting the few more weeks until we could go back and officially bring him home with us! When we got him we wanted to name him a cute, southern, uncommon we went with Ford! haha and he is basically perfect!! Now that I have gushed way too much probably making most of you think that I have got to be a little nuts at this point I will get on to the pictures!! Who doesn't love puppy pictures?! Enjoy! 
These are old cell phone pictures of the night they were cute is the puppy that is upside down! :)

I got daily pictures of all of these cuties and it seemed like forverrr until they were old enough for me to actually choose one! 

The day I picked him out! He was the lightest biggest male!

The day we brought him home! I may or may not have cried with tears of joy..

His puppy phase, his awkward phase, his naughty phase, and now! 

Sorry for the picture overload how could I choose between the hundreds I have??

On a side note I would like to mention that yes I did get him from a breeder.. I had known I wanted a Golden Retriever forever and wanted to make sure I really knew who I was getting him from, how they were with their dogs, and know that he came from a healthy bloodline. I strongly believe in rescuing dogs and totally plan on our next dog being a rescue!! The amount of dogs out there without homes just saddens me and is an important reminder of why it is soooo important to spay and neuter your dogs! 

Anyways thanks for reading through all my gushing and pictures!! Hope this brightened your day! 

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