Thursday, July 10, 2014

Makeup Storage

Hey y'all I just got in my new makeup storage and am loving it so I thought I would share where I got it from in case anyone is looking for ideas for storing makeup. I should probably be a little bit ashamed of the amount of makeup I have, but I just cant help myself when I am at the store, no matter if its Walmart or the mall I always find myself in the makeup isles and stores. I absolutely love trying out new makeup and finding new holy grail products!! So if you ever have a question on a product or want reviews on anything let me know in the comments below because I love giving my opinions and experience with beauty products....that is a huge reason why I started this whole blog anyways :). We are currently living in an apartment until we get done building our house (we just started the process of getting a plan set in stone) so my vanity area is a little smaller than I would like but having storage like this is really helping with space and also looks so cute on the counter!! I have wanted this type of storage for over a year now but did not want to spend the hundreds of dollars that most of these clear acrylic storage systems cost! As you will see in the pictures below the old storage I had was the original compromise that I came up with after I had found these clear three drawer units from The Container Store. They were great at first and I would still recommend them but I quickly out grew them and compared to these new acrylic drawers I got, also from the container store, they feel a little cheap. These new drawers are a nice thick acrylic and look exactly like many of the boxes you see that cost way more. When you stack them like I did it makes a really great makeup storage system and looks awesome on your vanity for half the price of the other clear acrylic makeup storage boxes.  They are also on sale right now so get them now while they are even cheaper!! I got two of the regular drawers, two wide drawers, a tray top, and a 24 count lipstick tray.


I ran out of room and could not even close one of the drawers to the three drawer container above.
Yes this is a complete mess haha


As you can see I still kept my old three drawer containers to use and just stacked them on top of each other. I plan to get maybe two more of the wide drawers to be able to fit everything in the one stack and I think that it will look really great! I also had this acrylic four section box that I use as a brush holder that I had previously purchased. I got all of this for just over $100 versus paying over $200-$300 for the clear acrylic boxes that you see on the internet. 

Hope that this was helpful for some of you!!

Thanks for checking out my blog :)


  1. Your make up collection is absolutely crazy!! I feel inadequate here with my tiny 3 drawers full of makeup, jeaaaalous :( xoxo

    1. haha I have been slowly collecting new products for awhile now!! But yes I clearly have an obsession (good one in my opinion ;D) that I can not stop! Thank you so much for commenting Chloe!!

  2. These are great! I definitely need new storage for all my makeup. You have soooo much lol

    1. Yes! I love these as my makeup storage! I'm still using them and thinking about adding more! haha and yes I have an addiction to makeup products lol I just can't pass up trying something new! :)


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