Thursday, June 5, 2014

spring/ summer scents

Here are some of my favorite spring and summer perfumes! I have become a little bit of a perfume hoarder recently and am always wanting to buy new ones! I wear perfume every single day and love having it as the last step of my morning routine before heading out of the door. During the summer I tend to gravitate towards the lighter more floral, fruity, and fresh scents. Below are quick descriptions of each one that is pictured above. I have also linked all of the perfumes so that you can read the exact notes of each perfume because I am not the greatest at describing scents. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine- This perfume was launched last year by Marc Jacobs and was a limited edition perfume that I have used  non stop ever since I bought it. It is described as a light more fruity and floral sister perfume to the original Daisy. This years perfume is Daisy Delight (also limited edition) and smells soooo good! Although I do not own it, (yet) it is similar to the sunshine from last year with more fruity notes. I love Marc Jacobs daisy perfumes because they are all so light and feminine. Pictured above is also the Marc Jacobs rollerball in Daisy eau so fresh .

Marc Jacobs Honey-  This perfume just reminds me of spring every time I spray it...It is a fruity perfume with notes of honey and vanilla and just smells so delicious. 

Viva la Juicy- This perfume was the only perfume I wore throughout my first years of college. This one is also a little fruity but with more of a heavier rich vanilla layer to it. This perfume would be great for wearing out on date nights or going out with the girls, and has great lasting power. 

Pink Sugar- This perfume would also be great for a night out as it is also a heavier perfume and is very sweet with notes of vanilla and caramel. The first couple of times I smelt this perfume in stores I always thought it was too heavy of a smell and did not like it, but kept hearing so many girls saying they loved it and always got tons of compliments when wearing it. I got a sample one day while in sephora and decided to give it a try... as soon as I got home my husband kept telling me how great I smelt so obviously I was pretty much sold on it then haha. :) 

Ralph Lauren Ralph- This perfume is very fresh and fruity with a hint of musk. Perfect for summer because it smells very fresh and clean and has great lasting power. 

Versace Bright Crystal- This is a fresh floral perfume. Great for everyday wear to work or school because it is a light and fresh perfume. 

Mermaid Perfume- I just recently bought this perfume after seeing it online. I will admit one of the main reasons I wanted this perfume was because of how gorgeous the packaging is. Even if I didn't like it I knew it would look great on display and the thought of smelling like a mermaid was even better (what girl didn't grow up wanting to be a mermaid at some point). This perfumes scent is straight orange blossoms and it is very floral and sweet but is such a great spring/summer scent. 

Other perfumes that I am currently lusting over this summer:

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