Monday, June 30, 2014

Hair Care Routine

Hey y'all it has been awhile since I have posted on here but we have been very busy lately and also have been having internet issues and finally got that fixed so I am actually able to get on and post again!! It has been almost a month and felt like forever since I have been able to share anything with y'all!! 

I have gotten some comments about what I use on my hair to help it grow on my instagram so I thought I would share my hair care routine with y'all! My hair is pretty long right now, its past my chest or down to my lower back now and is pretty thick. I do not have extremely thick hair but every time I go to a new person to get my hair done they always comment about how much hair I have so it is definitely a lot to take care of haha. 

These are the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using for the past couple of months. Normally I like to try new ones out but I have actually repurchased these a couple of times now. They are a little pricier but they make your hair sooo soft and smooth!! I just love how my hair feels after using these and they are not drying and do not make my hair greasy. 

When I get out of the shower I use one of these its a ten miracle leave in products. I have also been using this for like a year now and think that this is one of the huge reasons my hair has stayed healthy and continues to grow. Without these products I basically would not be able to comb through my hair and end up ripping my hair and causing breakage. I switch between the two of these just because I bought the one with keratin to see how I liked it, but I do not like to just use the one with keratin all the time because the protein can make your hair feel like straw if you use too many products with protein in it so I switch between the two. 

I have also started to use oil treatments on my hair and have really been loving both of these! The Moroccanoil works great and smells good too! These also help to keep hair strong, healthy, and shiny looking. I only apply this to the bottom half of my hair to the ends and it does not make your hair oily or greasy looking when dry. 

Most of the time I wash my hair at night and go to bed with it wet and let it air dry to cut down on the amount of heat I use on my hair. When I do blow dry my hair I love using this Kenra blow dry spray because it helps cut down on the amount of time it takes for your hair to dry, and like I mentioned earlier with my thick hair that is a life saver!! I also love this moroccanoil luminous hairspray. It gives you a good hold with out making your hair crunchy and also adds a nice shine to your hair. 

I try to cut back on the amount of times I wash my hair a week but my hair gets very greasy and I used to think it was crazy to not wash my hair every night! I have learned that it is actually healthier for your hair to skip washes and slowly train your hair to cut back on the natural oil production. It took me awhile to find a good dry shampoo to help with this but now that I have found batiste I can not live without it!! It is seriously the best dry shampoo I have ever tried and they have a lot of different scents and even blonde and brown hair sprays! I usually will spray this in my hair at night when I know I am not going to be washing my hair ( I do still wash my body just FYI ;) ) and let it kind of set in while I am sleeping and by the morning my hair looks full and clean again with no white product showing. This is really great for extending your hairstyle a couple of days! 

I also forgot to take a picture of my brush that I adore. It is called The Wet Brush and makes brushing through tangles so easy and helps to not cause breakage when trying to comb out your hair. I highly recommend getting that brush and trying it out if you have a tough time brushing through your hair after showers! I got mine at sally's. 

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will continue to post more regular again!

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. 


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