Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eye Creams

I just recently posted about my skincare routine below and realized afterwards that I forgot one of the most important steps, my eye treatments! Taking care of the skin around your eyes is one of the most important things when trying to prevent signs of aging. One of the first places on your face to show wrinkles and signs of diminishing elasticity is around the eyes. To prevent wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines it is important to keep the skin around the eyes very hydrated. The best approach is starting at a younger age using products to prevent aging instead of waiting until signs of aging appear and then trying to correct the problem. Obviously everybody grows older and shows signs of aging eventually, but most would agree that the longer they can prevent those wrinkles and crows feet from appearing the better!

My two favorite eye creams for this right now are the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream and the Origins GinZing. The Bobbi Brown eye cream is very hydrating and great at giving that extra needed moisture to help plump the fine lines and help re-hydrate the eye area. This is the eye cream that I use at night because it is very creamy and leaves my eye area feeling soft and smooth. In the morning I absolutely can not live without the Origins ginzing. It's pretty much the only thing that I look forward too when first waking up to help me feel awake (I'm definitely not a morning person). This eye cream actually contains a bit of caffeine that helps to de-puff and reduce dark circles to get rid of those bags under the eyes! It is also a brightening eye cream to help make you look refreshed and awake after a long night. On the mornings that I am really feeling exhausted and can hardly open my eyes with the light of my bathroom I will instantly reach for this Clinique all about eyes rollerball. It feels amazing to roll this across your under eyes in the morning because it is cooling and refreshing and also contains caffeine to help wake up and reduce puffiness around the eyes. These are the eye creams that have been working great for me lately, but I am sure once I run out of these I will be getting a new one to try just because I am a product junkie and always have to try new things! 

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment below with your favorite eye cream... I love hearing what other people are loving! 


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