Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Makeup Essentials

Here are a few essentials that are currently in my everyday makeup routine. Most days I keep my makeup routine pretty simple and quick, because let's be real I like my sleep a little too much.  My absolute all time favorite foundation is the makeup forever mat velvet plus. It is so great for oily skin and keeps you shine free for most of the day. It is also very long wearing! Lately I have been loving Jouer matte moisture tint because it is a little more light weight for these warmer days, but still gives great coverage and controls oil. If you have extremely oily skin like I do and like to top your foundation off with a powder the maybelline powder is great at giving that extra coverage and oil control without looking cakey. Mac pro longwear concealer is also very long wearing and the best concealer for under your eyes. If you haven't tried this trust me you need to. Urban decay's De-Slick is probably the best part of the entire makeup routine because it is cooling and really helps to set your makeup to last for the entire day!

 Benefits hoola brozer and Mac blush in peaches should be staples in everyone's makeup bag. They are both amazing and look great on almost every skin tone! If I want a really bronzed  glowing look Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick is my go to. I use this alone on my cheeks and it seriously gives you such a pretty warm glow for summer...and it can also be used as an eye shadow palette. The hourglass ambient lighting powders have also been a current favorite for highlighting. 

For eyes I have been loving this Dior mascara for my little short lashes. The wand has a curve to it that helps curl your lashes so it lets you skip the whole step of using that scary eye lash curler in the morning! Which in my book of laziness is always a plus! Almost every day I wear a simple winged eyeliner (while praying that it somehow makes me look more like Lauren Conrad) using this Stila eyeliner because it literally last all day even for someone like me who has horrible allergies and  is constantly rubbing my eyes!! 

The last step is adding the right lipstick to pull it all together. I am obsessed with lipstick and have wayyyy too many for my own good! So I am always rotating in different lipsticks but these four have been my favorites! MAC happy-go-lucky is a super bright pink which I adore (what girl doesn't love a hot pink lip). For more nude neutral lips I love mac coral bliss because it has a tint of coral so it does not wash you out. I just discovered this bare minerals lipstick not long ago and fell in love with it right away!! It is the perfect soft pink nude and the formulation of these lipsticks are so creamy and last really well!! 

I am constantly trying out new makeup products but these are items that are always on repeat in my routine! Hope you enjoyed, 
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Skincare Routine

My skincare routine

I am absolutely obsessed with skincare and finding great products to help improve my skin and keep it young and fresh looking. I am 24 and know that now is the best time for me to really invest in great skincare if I want to keep my skin looking good throughout the years. To me, skincare is the foundation and the most important step in your daily makeup routine! With a great complexion you can always look good even with little to no makeup! Here are the products that I have been loving lately. Most of them are Mario Badescu products which I started trying out a couple of months ago and have really grown to love! You get a descent amount of product for a fairly inexpensive price compared to other high end lines, and a little goes a long way with these! They have been great for my oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. 

At night my first step is washing my face with this Mario Badescu Cleanser. It is great at removing all of your makeup, exfoliating, and unclogging your pores. This cleanser lathers well without leaving your skin with that tight dry feeling afterwards.  

Next I use this Acne Facial Cleanser to soothe and help get rid of my unwanted acne. I have always had very sensitive, acne prone, oily skin and I feel like this really helps to prevent new breakouts from happening as often as they used to. I also use this cleanser in the morning after waking up to cleanse my face. Even though you might not think it is necessary, washing your face in the morning is very important to get rid of extra oil and impurities your skin has produced over night! 

After using the acne facial cleanser I follow up morning and night with this cucumber lotion. I can never go without using an astringent to get the last bit of  residue my cleanser may have missed and balance out the skins natural oils. This has a light cucumber scent (which you can probably tell by the name) and makes your skin feel refreshed after use. 

Probably one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine is using this facial spray. It smells like roses and makes me feel like I am in a spa every time I use it!! It is a cooling, hydrating mist, and you can use it anytime throughout the day for a little skin refresher. 

I can not even begin to describe how much I am in love with this moisturizer! It is kind of expensive but well worth it to me. It's a very moisturizing, thick, but lightweight cream that has a light scent so it is not over whelming. I use this only a night because it has age defying ingredients in it and leaves my skin looking supple and glowing in the morning. Even if you have oily skin it is very important to always moisturize well because that will help reduce the natural oil production from your skin from trying to over compensate. I feel like this has really helped the texture of my skin! 

To finish off my routine at night I finish with these two products. The Kate Somerville is a spot treatment that helps to almost completely get rid of a blemish over night! You use a Q-tip dip it in the product until it gets to the pink solution at the bottom and put it directly on your pimple. Be sure not to shake this product before you use it because it is meant to be separated! 

As a result of some serious horrible acne throughout some of my college years I am left with some acne scars on my cheeks. I just recently bought this Bio-oil that is meant to fade and prevent scars and stretch marks, and I really feel like it is helping with the acne scars! It takes just a tiny amount since it is an oil and I put it only where there is scarring. 

Last but not least I apply this Dior lip balm every night and also use it before doing my makeup in the morning. I had hesitated buying this for the longest time because its pricey for a lip balm, but the hype around this product is definitely true! It has a light rose smell to it and is seriously the most moisturizing non sticky lip balm ever! It stays on great all night and doesn't just feel like it slips right off of your lips. I can have super dry lips at night, use this and wake up in the morning with hydrated smooth lips. It is my holy grail lip product now! 

That is basically it for my skincare routine as of now! Like I said in the beginning I love trying out new skincare products so I am sure that I might be adding in new things to try in the future, but these products have really been working great for me lately! 

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I am not affiliated with any of these brands,and I purchased all of these products myself.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Time Loves







Here are just a few things that I have been loving for spring! I am really into the pastel color trend this spring, and pops of bright color with a simple outfit! I usually go for more casual outfits, so I love adding a statement necklace, bright lipstick, a super cute sandal or a pretty purse like the ones above to dress the look up a bit. I have added the links to these items below!

Side note: I am slowly but surely working on learning the best ways to make this blog the best that it can be and what it takes to do so. As you can tell, I am very new to this and I am still having to learn the ins and outs of blogging! Hopefully the next time I do a post like this it is laid out in a nice neat board for you, and each of my post continue to improve!!! Anyways, sorry for rambling! :) 

Hope you enjoy~Thanks for reading! 

1.JCREW Blouse

I am not affiliated with nor am I sponsored by any of these brands 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Always Loving

Here are a few things that I am always loving!! 

 My husband and I on our wedding day 
Ford <3
I'm a Texas girl at heart but Louisiana is now my forever home!
Fresh Blooms 
Beach vacations
Strawberry Margaritas! Hello Fridays! :)

Messy braids, v-necks, dainty necklaces and pink lipstick 
Cheesecake! Guilty pleasure but totally worth every bite, especially this one from our honeymoon! ;)

Hope yall enjoyed! 
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